接力基金命题解读 Specific Topics of Step Fund

接 力 基 金


Step Fund, established in 2009, is a venture capital focusing on investing in technology start-ups. The Step fund is composed of the venture capital guidance fund of the Ministry of science and technology, the CICC Qiyuan national emerging industry venture capital guidance fund, the Shanghai venture capital guidance fund, the Shanghai technology venture capital FOF and other investors. Since its establishment, it has invested in hundreds of early and medium-term start-ups, focusing on new materials, health care, intelligent manufacturing and services. Step fund currently manages five funds with a scale of more than 1.2 billion yuan.


背景描述:化工板块、尤其是新材料板块,是最近的碳中和产业链环节中的重要一环。其中电子化学品作为超大规模集成电路、分立器件、液晶 LCD 显示器、太阳能电池、LED 等制作过程中不可缺少的关键性基础化工材料,特别是半导体制程中的硅片、掩膜版、光刻胶、高纯湿化学品、特气、靶材和 CMP 等材料,已经随着地缘政治、国家战略和产业升级等问题成为卡脖子性质产品。另外,电动汽车等新能源形式交通产品的高速发展,例如高续航里程需求带来的高能量密度、热管理问题,也对材料的长寿命、密封性、绝缘性、导热性能等提出了更高的挑战,为有机硅、丙烯酸、聚酰亚胺等各种高端电子化学品带来了长足的发展机会。如何抓住这些机会,是业内企业需要面临的紧迫和现实的问题。


14. Electronic chemical materials effectively contribute to innovative applications of carbon neutrality

Background Description: New chemical material is among the most important parts of carbon neutrality industrial chain. Electrical materials are indispensable for manufacturing large-scale integrated circuits, discrete deceives, solar battery and LCD&LED displays. Those materials such as silicon wafers, masks, photoresists, high-purity wet chemical, specialty gases, target and CMP materials are restricted by other countries due to geopolitics, national strategy and industrial upgrading issues. 

On the other hand, rapid development of new energy transportation such as long endurance electric automobile challenges the durability, tightness, insulation and thermal conductivity of the materials. Those challenges urge the development of materials such as organosilicon, acrylic acid, polyimide.

The restrictions and challenges mentioned above should be top priority for domestic companies to find a solution for.

Objective: Looking for companies can provide sustainable solutions to realize import substitution or product innovation with better performance through one or more improvement from raw materials, equipment, processes, formulas and applications in order to confront the restrictions and challenges motioned above.

上海石化命题解读 Specific Topics of SPC

上 海 石 化


Located in Jinshan District, Shanghai, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SPC), a holding subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is one of the largest integrated refining and chemical enterprises in China, and also a domestically important production base for oil products, intermediate petrochemical products, synthetic resin and synthetic fiber.



目标:利用CCS(carbon capture and storage)捕获的高浓度二氧化碳,与化工园区富含氢气的驰放气生产高附加值的精细化工产品,如碳酸二甲酯、二苯基脲、聚氨酯等,探索化工园区CCUS路径。

5.Chemical utilization of carbon dioxide

Background description: Developing low-cost and high-efficiency CO2 capture, concentration and transportation technologies, reliable storage technologies and commercially valuable downstream utilization technologies can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also obtain energy and chemicals, killing two birds with one stone.

Objective: To utilize the high concentration carbon dioxide captured by CCS together with the hydrogen-enriched purge gas generated by the chemical industry park to produce high value-added fine chemical products, like dimethyl carbonate, diphenyl urea, polyurethane, etc. and to explore a CCUS path in the chemical industry park.


背景描述:某低密度聚乙烯(LDPE)生产装置。产品料仓中VOCs最大浓度达到290ppm,主要成分是乙烯,超过国家《合成树脂工业污染物排放标准》(GB 31572-2015)的限定要求。现在装置采用RTO炉焚烧法处理料仓尾气,由于尾气中可燃物含量太低,需要补充消耗大量天然气燃料,增加了装置能耗和碳排放。


19. Efficient green treatment of low-concentration hydrocarbon VOC in polyethylene silo

Background description: A low density polyethylene (LDPE) production unit. The maximum concentration of VOCs in the product silo reaches 290ppm, and the main component is ethylene, which has exceeded the limitation value of the national Emission Standard for Pollutants of Synthetic Resin Industry (GB 31572-2015). At present, RTO furnace incineration method is adopted to treat tail gas of the silo. As the combustible content in the tail gas is too low, a large amount of natural gas fuel needs to be consumed, which increases the energy consumption and carbon emission of the unit.

Objective: In comparison with RTO furnace incineration treatment method, adopt a new high-efficiency and green tail gas treatment technology for treatment of tail gas from the silo, so that it can reach the national emission standard and greatly reduce the energy consumption and operation cost.




33. Green energy solutions for buildings

Background description: Facing the objective of “peak carbon dioxide emissions” and “carbon neutrality”, how to achieve zero CO2 emission through utilizing green energy in office buildings?

Objective: Design an energy solution to provide an overall energy and control system for a 4000-5000 square meters hotel conference center or commercial building using green energy such as solar or hydrogen energy to achieve zero CO2 emission.

科思创命题解读 Specific Topics of COVESTRO

科 思 创 


With 2020 sales of EUR 10.7 billion, Covestro is among the world’s leading polymer companies. Business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. In doing so, Covestro is fully committed to the circular economy. The main industries served are the automotive and transportation industries, construction, furniture and wood processing, as well as electrical, electronics, and household appliances industries. Other sectors include sports and leisure, cosmetics, health and the chemical industry itself. At the end of 2020, Covestro has 33 production sites worldwide and employs approximately 16,500 people (calculated as full-time equivalents).



8. Apply for Bio-based Raw Materials for Chemical Production in the Process of Tracing C Footprint

To trace C footprint is an important approach to realize C Neutral eventually. Currently, the main source of raw materials used for chemical production come from fossil oil and therefore it is main contribution of carbon emission. Considering its unique advantages and looking at the vision of Green Chemistry, we will have to apply more and more raw materials that derive from bio-based sources to gradually replace traditional fossil sources, so as to accomplish the C flow from linear & irreversible to circular & reversible. Please illustrate your ideas and conduct some studies in the regards of policy, technology, management, innovation, and necessity.


背景描述:为了达到碳中和,必须降低 CO2 排放。这也意味着化石燃料的使用将受到限制。因此,人们在日常生产和生活中要把废弃物当作宝贵的碳资源加以回收。开发一种绿色、高效、低成本的聚合物再利用和再生的化学解途径,是一个新的思路。

22. Novel chemolysis method for polymer recycling  (key target is the method for PU, PC)

In order to reach the carbon neutral, CO2 emission has to be reduced. It is clear that the use of fossil fuels will be limited. Therefore, waste should be recycled as a valuable carbon resource to continue the daily production and life. Novel idea is highly demanded to develop a green, high efficient and low cost chemolysis approach for polymer reuse and regeneration.