Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Brightlands Chemelot Campus 是发展化工和材料领域的不二选择。企业在这里不仅可以享受物业服务,更可以获取研发支持。园区位于荷兰 Sittard-Geleen 这一欧洲中心地带,这里也是研发的热点地带。这里有着丰富的工艺放大和去瓶颈方面的知识储备,还有着众多科研院所和创新企业。园区不断推动着各方的交流与互动,并已经形成了一个拥有着4000多人的良好的生态系统并还在不断发展壮大。这里地理位置特殊,与工业园区为邻,并具实验室功能。园区注重可持续发展与数字化,因为这两者会引发化工和材料世界的巨大变革。园区也实施了多个项目来创造可持续的化学和材料世界。这里通过注重培育初创企业,让新想法不断迸发,最终让化工和材料世界变得更加可持续。

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is place to be in the field of Chemistry & Materials and as campus it facilitates its tenants with their properties, but also with R&D services. It is located in the heart of Europa in Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands. As hotspot in Research and Development it is known for its upscaling and debottlenecking knowledge, and home of many knowledge institutes and companies. Fostering communities and interaction between the parties at campus. Chemelot Campus is a vivid ecosystem of currently 4000 people and growing rapidly. It has a unique location with an industrial park as neighbor and also as field lab. Special focus is on sustainability and digitalization. Two main drivers that will change the world of chemistry and materials tremendously. Brightlands Chemelot Campus runs various programs to make the chemistry and materials world sustainable. Startups are a special focus area of the campus, since we want to accommodate new parties with fresh ideas and disruptives at our campus to make the world of chemistry and materials more sustainable.




31. Biomass applications

Background Description: Biomass is plant or animal material often used as fuel to produce electricity or heat. Examples are wood, energy crops and waste from forests, yards, or farms. But it can also be used as a non-fossil feedstock for the production of materials and chemicals. Circular Economy (CE) is a hot spot in green chemical industry and the entire ecosystem is facing the challenge of using bio based and recycled materials. In order to use more biomass and less fossil based raw materials for the production of materials and chemicals we need more applications who use biomass as a feedstock.

Objective: Materials or chemicals produced from biomass feedstock




31. Bio conversion processes

Background Description: The conversion of biomass, such as plant or animal waste, into usable products or energy sources by biological processes or agents, such as certain microorganisms will play an important role in the future materials & chemicals production. Biobased materials will be an important stream to make the circular economy work. Therefore, efficient and intelligent processes to convert biobased feedstocks into materials and chemicals is highly demanded to accelerate the development of CE.

Objective: Efficient bio conversion processes for production of chemicals and plastic materials from biomass.


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