About Shanghai Huayi

Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company is a large-scale chemical enterprise group established via assets reorganization, which is authorized by Shanghai Municipal SASAC. Huayi’s core assets were listed in May 2016. Huayi adheres to the five development strategies of ‘Eco-friendly Development, Innovation-driven Development, High-end Development , Cross-city Development and Integrated Development’, and focuses on the five core businesses of ‘Energy Chemicals, Green Tire, Advanced Materials, Fine Chemicals and Chemical Services’. There are 46 factories and production bases of Huayi in 16 provinces of China and overseas such as Guangxi, Anhui, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Shandong.

Huayi ranks 189th in Top 500 Manufactures of China, 12nd in Top 100 Manufactures of Shanghai and 5th in Top 100 Chemical Feedstock and Product Manufactures of China.

Designated topics

Topic  R&DProcessing and Application of Degradable Plastics

In the ‘Opinions on Further Strengthening Plastic Pollution Control of Ministry of Ecological Environment’ issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, it is proposed that the plastic products and alternatives, which are recyclable and degradable, are encouraged. In this context, the degradable plastics will embrace the opportunity for rapid development.


Based on the green design, we are exploring the technology development and application of the degradable plastics that improve the safety and recycling performance, reduce the application costs, and promote the application in the fields of packaging, tableware, agricultural film, biomedical polymer materials, etc.