About Step Fund

Step Fund, established in 2009, is a venture capital focusing on investing in technology start-ups. The Step fund is composed of the venture capital guidance fund of the Ministry of science and technology, the CICC Qiyuan national emerging industry venture capital guidance fund, the Shanghai venture capital guidance fund, the Shanghai technology venture capital FOF and other investors. Since its establishment, it has invested in hundreds of early and medium-term start-ups, focusing on new materials, health care, intelligent manufacturing and services. Step fund currently manages five funds with a scale of more than 1.2 billion yuan.

Designated topics

Topic   Scientific service projects in green chemistry and chemical industry

Green chemistry and chemical engineering, especially new material development, resource recycling technology and other projects, mostly require some professional research and development services.


R&D of special equipment, development and use of reagents, consumables and additives, quality testing and product certification, as well as various professional technical services and platform building required in R&D and production.