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他们是由生物基因工程科研团队与服装时尚团队组成的萌新生物科技,解决海洋污损现象以及由污损造成的海洋生态破坏问题的海科生物,和国内首个月经裤品牌如里 Relief。

April 29, 2020

The first IAP Express was successfully held online. Three teams stood out and were expressed to the acceleration phase.

The teams are: Mi Terro, the only biotechnology company in the world that converts spoiled milk into soft, sustainable, and affordable fibers; Syns, a fashion brand using modular design to create a new sustainable fashion method; TRASHAUS, a technical innovation agency that integrates circular economy.

What is IAP?

SDGs Impact Acceleration Program (IAP) , initiated by Impact Hub Shanghai, Makeable, Fang Fund and Flame China, is an innovative platform for startups who bring positive impact to the world. This program, with angel investment, cross-border partners and in-depth mentoring, aims to support startups facing challenges of funding, business model and team building in their early stages.&nbspLearn More

Who are we looking for?

Target Industries:

Food & Beverage
Home Accessories

Design — Raw Material — Production — Packaging — Distribution — Retail — Recycle & Circulation
From the above value chain, below topics are the selected criteria:


Keeping functionality and cost in mind, innovative materials that can replace the existing while reducing negative social and environmental impacts. Solutions that allow scale-up and application.

Innovative Process
Technology and AI that revamp traditional production process in order to increase productivity and reduce social and environmental risks.
Green Packaging

Innovative packaging that enforces waste reduction and improve recyclability. Or packaging that could reduce negative environmental impact during production and transportation.

Sustainable Retail
New retail model or products that support responsible and sustainable consumption, empowering consumers to take part in fighting negative impacts brought by consumption.
Recycle & Reuse
Solution that enables product recycle and reuse, breaking the model of disposable consumption and building a circular one instead.


What do you get?

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Final Deadline: Jun. 14, 2020

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