Application of PA12 in Electric Vehicles


PA12 is a classical long chain polyamide material for automotive applications for decades. It has excellent physical and chemical performance, especially under low temperature environment (-40C). PA 12 also have a wide range of applications in electric vehicles (EVs). For example, thanks to its superior hydrolysis and electrical properties, Evonik VESTAMID PA12 material has been used in cooling line and power bus bar application in power battery pack in EVs.

Meanwhile, the low density of PA12 material also contributes to the lightweight design of automobiles. With a more stringent emission regulation and higher demands on EVs, effective and stable operation of the power battery pack in EVs and light weight of the automobile will become more and more important.


We would like to see more PA12 in automotive applications,
especially in EVs. These can either be light weight design or fluid handling system, Overall, we’d like to contribute to energy conservation of auto industry.