Cooling Water Emission Reduction and Recycling Project


Involved: Green chemical industry, circular economy

In the circulation process as cooling water system, part of the water will be evaporated. Meanwhile, the cooling water quality needs to be controlled within a certain index, so that we need to makeup and dose to it. The replacement method is to discharge a certain amount of cooling water from the system and add fresh water, adding fresh cooling water will reduce the concentration of the dosing agent. So, we usually add additional dosing chemicals, but this way will increase the operation cost.


Under the premise of ensuring that the quality of polluted water is in compliance with regulations , Using water quality index control methods , recycling this part of the discharged water as part of the cooling water supplement so as to achieve the goal of reducing the amount of polluted water to achieve recycling, while reducing the cost of chemical agent input.

Required Capability

Chemical Engineering (Major in water or polluted water treatment)

Automation and process control