Application of Biotechnology in the Production of Chemicals

in a Safe and Environmental-friendly Way


As we know, compared with chemical process, the production of chemicals using biological way boasts mild process conditions and good biodegradability. However, there are several problems with organism itself, such as complicate composition of metabolites, low yield of target products and complex control conditions of scale-up production, leading to the difficulty in industrialization.

In recent years, with the rapid development of genome sequencing, gene modification technologies and biological fermentation process, the production of safe and environmental benign chemical raw materials by biotechnology has gradually become technically and commercially feasible. The production costs of some bulk chemical raw materials, such as amino acids and organic acids, have dropped sharply, while new products, such as biosurfactants and bioplastics, have gradually entered into the market.


Therefore, we aim to use biotechnology to develop a new active ingredient, esters, biopolymers, among others, for personal care and home care application.