Purification of Organic Solvents Used for 

Semiconductor Industry


Membrane separation technology is gaining its recognition as a sustainable separation technology, which has been applied in applications like wastewater treatment, desalt of sea water. Evonik is offering membrane products based on its high performance polymers, which helps increasing efficiency and lowering energy consumption for various production processes. The Organic Solvent Nanofiltration membrane (OSN) from Evonik, provides unique high efficiency in separating organic solvents, even at atmosphere temperature, thus avoiding phase changing of liquid substances, saving energy and emission while realizing sustainable development.

Focusing on developing membrane material and membrane separation technology, Evonik want to explore new applications as well as new business models.

Lithium-ion battery and semiconductor industries are gaining its momentum in China, and various organic solvents are used in the production processes. As the industries are booming, the necessity of recycling and purifying organic solvents has become a topic. There is a demand to develop technologies with low energy consumption and a sustainability benefit.


Evonik would like to explore various ways of realizing
energy conservation and environmental friendly ways of organic solvents recycling, for example, the optimal way of recycling by utilizing distillation and membrane separation technology, in order to realize sustainable development of recycling of organic solvents.