Application of Fatty Alcohol and its
Derivatives in Specialty Chemical Industry


In many specialty chemical applications, such as personal care, agrochemicals, coatings, lubricants, etc., various fatty alcohols (low carbon chain, high carbon chain, Guerbet, etc.) and their derivatives (surfactants, Esters, etc.) play an important role, such as additives and so on. They are often considered as “the MSG of industries”. Very often the same type of products will play similar or completely different roles when being used in different industries. Therefore, for manufacturers of fatty alcohols, surfactants, and esters, it is very important to develop and find new applications in different downstream fields.

This initiative looks to find innovative applications of fatty alcohols, surfactants and esters in various specialty chemical fields.


In the field of specialty chemicals and materials (consumer goods chemicals, agrochemicals, coatings, lubricants, etc.), develop or find new raw materials, new application fields and methods, new application evaluation methods, innovation platform and business model that are related to fatty alcohols, surfactants, and esters, etc.