Yanling GONG

The deputy secretary general of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC)

Gong Yanling, female, graduated from Tianjin University, majoring in chemical technology with master degree. She is a senior engineer, CPC member. Gong Yanling is the deputy secretary general of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC), member of China Women’s Association for Science and Technology. 

Gong Yanling was a director journalist and editor in chief of China Chemical Information Weekly and China Chemical Reporter (CCR) which are national core journals sponsored by China National Chemical Information Center, a national information consulting agency. She led the team and won the first prize of national excellent journal in the field of petroleum and chemical industry for several times. 

She has long been committed to energy and petrochemical information consultation and development research, published industry analysis and research report of about 150,000 word. She authored or participated in writing books or reports entitled Prospects for the Development of China’s Petroleum and Chemical Industry, Chemical Supply Chain Management and Trends, Research on Industrial Sustainable Development and Carbon Dioxide Emissions, General History of China’s Chemical Industry, Approaching Chemical Industry, Chemical Industry and Life. 

She started working in CIESC in 2015 and was its office director, deputy director of evaluation center. At present, she is CIESC deputy secretary general and director of the academic exchange department, in charge of academic exchange, talent recommendation, scientific and technological service, comprehensive management and other related works, and is committed to building the society into a world leading society. She has won awards such as Advanced Individuals, Innovative Projects, and second prize of “Scientific and Technological Progress” of CIESC Science and Technology Award in 2019.