Jiming WANG

Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering Former President, Sinopec

Born in June 1942 Shanghai, Wang Jiming graduated from petroleum refining major of East China College of Chemical Engineering (now East China University of Science and Technology) in September 1964. Wang is academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and expert in petroleum refining, petrochemical engineering and project management. Having worked as chairman and general manager of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company, vice president of Sinopec Group, and vice chairman and president of Sinopec Company, Wang is now senior member of Sinopec Science and Technology Department, special vice president of China Enterprise Confederation, president of China Business Council for Sustainable Development, and honorary president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

In the petrochemical engineering practices, Wang came up with management concepts, approaches and models suitable for China. Wang also facilitated the cooperation and promotion of large cracking furnace and isolation techniques between China and foreign countries, organized key equipment domesticization, realized the first industrial application of domestic pyrolysis gas compressor, propylene and ethylene compressor, hydrogenation reactor etc., and pioneered domestic technique kit in large petrochemical projects.