Jinguo ZHAI

General Manager of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (SRICI)

Professor Zhai Jinguo is general manager of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (SRICI), graduate supervisor, national outstanding expert receiving government special allowance, specialist of China Chemical Industry Association, vice director of Filtration and Separation Engineering Research Center of National Petroleum and Chemical Industry as well as National Technical Research and Promotion Center for High-Efficiency Separation Column Packings and Units, editorial board of several flagship journals. Professor Zhai have been awarded many honors, including the 1st prize of Science and Technology Progress, 2nd prize of Technological Innovation of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Shanghai eminent technical leader, Leading Talents of Shanghai, Youth Technology Star of Hou Debang Chemical Technology and so on.

Professor Zhai’s research focuses on chemical apparatus design and manufacture, chemical separation engineering, functional materials research and development, evaluation and appraisal of large-scale engineering project. He has excellent both academic and industrial achievements, undertook nearly 20 scientific research projects, issued more than 30 patents, published more than 30 papers in his research field, developed environmental-friendly halogen-free flame retardant materials which reached national highest flame retardant level of polyurethane materials, developed precise distillation technology and devices to successfully overcome pain point of green development and significantly reduce production costs.

Additionally, he has rich experience in enterprise management and investment with respect to science and technology innovation projects. As the chairman of Changfeng Huixin Investment Co., Ltd, he has invested 8 companies in recent 2 years, one of which has successfully listed on the science and technology innovation board, and the other 2 have entered the pre-IPO.