Zhong Xin Profile

ECUST Professor, Vice-principal of ECUST

Present OccupationECUST  Professor, Vice-principal of ECUST, Member of the Standing Committee of ECUST Communist Party. Shanghai Key Laboratory of Multiphase Materials Chemical Engineering, Chairman.

Additional PostDeputy Chairman of CIESC, Deputy Director of Ministry of Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education, Director of Chinses Chemical Engineering Professional Master’s Training Collaboration Group, Deputy Chairman of Education Association of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. Deputy Chairman of Shanghai New Materials Society. <Higher Education in Chemical Engineering>, Editor-in-Chief.

Major in research of materials chemical industry and energy chemical industry. Focus on regulation of crystallization process of polyolefin, preparation technology and application of functional spherical silicone material with micro (nano) meter size, preparation of nucleating agent and antioxidant for polyolefin, nucleation mechanism and kinetics of nucleation crystallization, basic and application of biodiesel, SNG and other related research. Presided over the completion of more than 30 scientific research projects for State Scientific and Technological Commission, general and key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 863 Project, Sinopec. More than 30 patent applications. 7 scientific and technological progress awards (provincial and ministerial level, First Prize of Shanghai Technical Invention Award in 2013 ). Outstanding Teacher Award of BAOSTEEL (2007)Teaching Achievement Award (above provincial level): First Prize (provincial level, 4 awards), Special Award for Teaching Achievement (Shanghai, 2018), First Prize of National Teaching Achievement (2009), Second Prize (2018). Shanghai Outstanding Discipline Leader Program (Selected, 2010). Shanghai Leading Talent Program (Selected, 2013). State Special Allowance.

Published 7 monographs (Editor-in-Chief) including <Chemical Engineering and Technology> (Science Press, 2007), <Fine Organic Chemicals Preparation Manual> (Science and Technical Documentation Press, 3.2 million words), <Material Additive Chemistry> (Chemical Industry Press, 430,000 words), <Controlled Crystallization of Polymers Based on Small Molecular> (2017), 2 English monographs (Participants). Published over 400 journals in AICHE J., Chemical Engineering Science, IEC&R, Polymer, Langmuir, JPS, CIESC Journal. Instructed over 100 doctor and master.