Nanliang CHEN

Vice President of Donghua University

Prof. Dr. Nanliang Chen, male, is tutor for doctor degree, vice president of donghua university.

Prof. Chen is the director of Engineering research center of technical textile, ministry of educatio; Director of Expert Technical Committee of China Knitting Industry Association; Vice-Chairman of Expert Committee of China Industrial Textile Industry Association; Vice-Chairman of China Industrial Textile Association; Vice-Chairman of China Knitting Industry Association; Member of Academic Committee of China Textile Engineering Association.

He is mainly engaged in research and development of industrial textiles and textile structural composites, has outstanding achievements and a very in-depth research foundation in high performance fiber special knitting technology and product development. He has won the 7th National Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers, the State Council Special Allowance, the Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal, the Shanghai Dawning Scholar, the Shanghai Excellent Academic Leader, the Shanghai Leading Talents, the Top Ten Persons in Shanghai Education News, the Special Teacher Award of Textile Light, the Shanghai Excellent Team for Scientific and Technological Innovation, China Leaders in the textile industry, academic leaders in China’s textile industry, top 10 News Persons in China textile and garment industry, etc.

So far, Professor Chen has undertaken and participated in the complete project commissioned by the state, provincial and enterprise for more than 90. Include one “national key R&D program of China”, one “national science and technology support project”, one “863” preparatory project, two “973” project, two subproject of “921-3 project” two “Commission of science and Technology and Industry for National Defence project”. Professor Chen has awarded two second prize of National scientific and technological progress, second prize of National education achievement; six first prize, five second prize and three third prize of the provincial scientific and technological progress. Many achievements as key technical materials and key technical products have been successfully applied to some spacecraft of Tiangong-1, Tiangong-2, Tianzhou-1, Beidou Navigation Satellite and Tiantong-1 Satellite. The developed biomedical textiles have reached the international advanced level, and some project achievements have been put into clinical application. He has published more than 150 papers, of which including more than 40 EI and SCI, edited seven materials and monographs. He owns 40 inventive patents.