Head of Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai

Born on January 10th, 1964 in Hunan province, Yun Chen studied chemical engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology and afterwards at the East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai followed by a PhD study in organic chemistry at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany).

He entered Covestro (Bayer at that time) in 1994 as Lab Manager in Germany and in 1999 became deputy plant manager of Polycarbonates (PCS). In 2001 he was transferred to Shanghai to become plant manager of Polycarbonates BPA/SPC train and in 2008 he became Head of P&T Polycarbonates at Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai. In January 2014, he became the member of BTS Management Committee and Head of BTS Asia.

On January 1st, 2017, Dr. Yun Chen is appointed as the Head of Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai.

Dr. Chen is married and has 2 children.