Gary Knight

INVISTA Asia and Europe Nylon Vice President of Operations

Gary Knight is Vice President INVISTA Integrated Operations with responsibility for Asia and Europe. In this capacity, he is responsible for all operating facilities in China, the EU and the UK. formulating and implementing major production and operation strategies and investment plans, including the 8.4 billion RMB adiponitrile project that INVISTA is currently investing in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park. He has been committed to developing the business capabilities of the local team to ensure the sustainable development of the company’s nylon integrated business.

Mr. Knight was transferred to Shanghai in August 2013 as Vice President of Global Operations for the INVISTA Apparel business. Prior to transferring to China, he served as the Global Director of the INVISTA Operations Excellence capability. He has been involved in numerous operations leadership roles in the US and has extensive international management experience in manufacturing operations. In recognition of his contributions to China’s growth, Mr. Knight was granted a China Permanent Resident Card in December 2018.

Mr. Knight graduated from West Virginia University with degree in electrical engineering.