Main Topics

Topic 1

Future Materials

Chemical industry low-carbon raw materials substitution; R&D, promotion and application of bio-manufacturing raw materials, biochemical materials, biodegradable materials, biomedical materials etc.; (for low altitude economy and new energy) special fiber materials, lightweight materials, battery and cell raw materials; electronic chemicals and its supporting materials; R&D, promotion and application of green new materials including high performance synthetic resin, membrane materials, rubber materials, engineering plastics, 3D printing materials, recyclable plastics; application of AI in materials R&D

Topic 2

Future Energy

R&D and application of clean energies such as hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, ocean energy; low-carbon transportation fuel innovative solutions including green methane, SAF, green ammonia etc.; disruptive processes and technologies of high-efficiency new energy storage (including Power-to-X and chemical storage for new energy); innovative solutions for hydrogen production, storage and transportation.

Topic 3

Future Environment

Reuse and carbon reduction treatment of industrial, agricultural and household waste containing carbon as energy/resource; waste gas and water pollution treatment, land remediation; treatment, recycle and circular use solutions for solid waste, new pollutant and plastic pollution; carbon capture, sequestration and storage; energy conservation and consumption reduction transformation and smart management of energy and its utilization system; process optimization and other advanced technologies in energy conservation and carbon reduction; carbon emission verification and carbon footprint management.

Designated Topics

Based on the main topics, applicants can also participate in the designated topics given by some famous large companies below:

  1. Development of key electronic chemical materials for integrated circuits
  2. Semiconductors: silicon carbide wafer
  3. Sustainable solutions of advanced materials in new energies, advanced electronics, or construction markets
  4. Biobased raw materials applied to large-scale industrial production (key target is the method for PU, PC)
  5. Advanced solution of chemical intermediates based on non-edible bio-based feedstock and bio-based waste
  6. Development and validation of downstream application scenarios for biochar
  7. Low-carbon and bio-based materials for the construction and industrial markets
  8. Carbon fiber composite materials suitable for geothermal exchange systems
  9. New materials and processes for clothing and footwear
  10. Technology for sustainable tires
  11. Sustainable feedstock for agrochemical additives
  12. Research on preparation process and forming of 3D-printed carbon fiber composite materials
  13. Novel polymer material discovery and product design using generative AI techniques
  14. Research on the technology development and application of green energy such as green methanol and green ammonia
  15. Design, simulation and optimization of hydrogen production of ammonia from green electricity
  16. Large-scale hydrogen energy storage and transport technology
  17. Low carbon aviation and shipping fuel applications
  18. Chemical energy storage technology for sustainable electricity
  19. Optimal control and dispatching strategies for new energy and electrolyzers
  20. Flame retardant or fire safety solutions for a variety of high performance non-metal materials related to the new energy sector
  21. New energy storage technology methodology with high efficiency, long life cycle and environment friendly; long-duration energy storage
  22. Surfactant recycling
  23. Operation optimization of degradable plastic projects
  24. Design and simulation of chemically recycled plastics projects. Physical or chemical recycling technology for waste plastic
  25. Wastewater / waste solid / waste gas treatment related to new energy Industry based on circular economy model
  26. Prospective and industrial research of platinum group metals (PGMs) in plastic pollution control, recovery and recycling
  27. Technologies for commercialized closed-loop applications of carbon dioxide in industry, CO2 high-selectivity conversion and utilization
  28. Creating a sustainable future for mineral processing
  29. Design, simulation and optimization of chemical processes using generative AI technologies
  30. The next-generation smart chemistry lab challenge

This contest includes 5 stages of Launching and Application, Selection, Mentoring, Finals and accelerated transformation.

  1. Launching and Application (June to September 30th) 

    The Contest will be promoted to interested parties and participants by multiple ways through organizers, co-organizers, partners etc.

  2. Selection (October 1st – November)

    Multiple rounds of online selection will be conducted by experts from industry, academia and capital. Participants for Finals will be selected.

  3. Mentoring (before Finals)

    Organization Committee will invite experienced experts to mentor Finals participants.

  4. Finals (December).

    Experts from industry, capital, university and scientific institute will select winners in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park.

  5. Accelerated transformation stage (after Finals).

    One-week in-depth incubation training on outstanding teams will be conducted in terms of innovative thinking, client authentication, product/service design, etc. Help will be offered for constructing sustainable and scalable business model, influence assessment, roadshow, investment matchmaking etc.


1. Certificate and bonus

  1. Outstanding teams have the opportunities get financial aids from “Eagle Plan” Foundation.
  2. The Organizing Committee will lead representatives from world-class companies to conduct one-week in-depth incubation training for outstanding teams and hold investment matchmaking etc.
  3. Outstanding teams can meet with industrial experts and companies for product application, market exploration etc.
  4. Outstanding teams have the opportunities to use working space for free for a certain amount of time in Innovation Center of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and conduct R & D, pilot and scale-up activities with relevant incentives (in reference to Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Implementation Measures of Special Support for Facilitating High-quality Industrial Development).

By September 30th, 2024

Note: individuals or team without any registered company should choose “Innovation Group” for application, and registered companies should choose “Entrepreneurship Group” for application.

Any question about the contest and application, please reach us at:

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