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Launched by Budweiser China in 2020, the Innovation Hub tries to explore the sustainable development possibilities in the supply chain with innovative start-ups. The first Innovation Hub event ended on January 15, 2021. Budweiser China continues its success of first year and continues to appeal for helping those startup leaders who are working with sustainable innovation.

If you think your project has the potential to solve the following challenges,

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Five Challenges

The challenges cover all aspects of Budweiser China supply chain,
from raw materials, production, packaging, to sales.

Food Production Waste Upcycle

Innovative Packaging

Pioneering Clean Tech Solutions

Smart Brewery Solutions

Restaurant & Sales Efficiency Solutions

Examples of Scenarios

The following scenarios are only examples to inspire you.
Your solutions are not limited to the following scenarios.
We encourage diverse solutions to apply.

(pic: ReGrained)

The start-up, recycled, turns distiller’s grains, wheat bran and rice husks into energy bars


| 食品材料升级再利用
| Food Production Waste Upcycle

# Zero Waste # Reuse # Reform

During the manufacturing process, co-products are produced. To better improve the reusability of these co-products and reduce waste, Innovation Hub is searching for more innovative solutions to increase the recycling value of these co-products.

For example, co-products such as brewery spent grain, barley husk, and rice husk could be processed into brand-new food and beverage products, or could be recycled into building materials, packaging and other raw materials that can be used in other scenarios.

Or, you are extremely creative where you could completely transform these co-products into creative products. We also welcome you to discuss with us.


创新包装材料 |
Innovative Packaging |

#AI #Digitalization #Safety

Many different types of packaging materials are used in various business scenarios of Budweiser China. We hope to find more diverse and more sustainable solutions to optimize the application of these materials.For example, the shrinking film used in beer packaging is still made of plastic. Alternative materials, that meet the shrinkability requirements and are degradable are what we are looking for.

In addition, plastic is the main material used in transportation. We are seeking alternative packaging materials or products that reduce plastic use throughout the process.

Several domestic restaurants, such as Goose Island, Boxing Cat, and Liquid Laundry, which are famous for their craft brewing, also belong to Budweiser China. We also hope to find suitable environmental-friendly takeout packaging for them.Innovative and various packaging materials have vast applications. If you have a unique and innovative solution, we welcome you to reach out to us.

At the same time, for Budweiser, the ability to recycle aluminum cans and glass bottles is an extremely important goal. However, it is quite hard to achieve 100% can-to-can recycling in China, mainly because of the challenges on waste collection. Therefore, we are also looking for some successful practices of regional recycling system as a reference for us to implement our recycling system across China.

More environmentally friendly food packaging

(pic: Eco-Friendly Food Containers at Brown Dining Services)


Energy consumption management system of EMS plant



| 前沿清洁技术解决方案
| Pioneering Clean Tech Solutions

#Clean Energy #Recycle #Cutting-edge Technology

One of Budweiser’s 2025 sustainable development goals is that 100% of the purchased electricity will be from renewable sources. Therefore, we want to see all pioneering solutions that could help us reach this goal. At the management level, we look for the management tools that can improve the overall energy management and efficiency of the brewery.

Secondly, we are also very interested in emerging technologies such as hydrogen energy. We are also looking for solutions to improve the comprehensive recycling system of hydropower and heat, including storage of excessive heat for high-energy-consuming equipment and DC power supply solutions.

In addition, we also seek different treatment methods for the reuse of sludge and wastewater, such as the effective treatment of organic matter and sugar in brewing water, the conversion of oil into water through photochemistry, or the optimization of reverse osmosis membrane equipment and improved life cycle of membrane.


智能工厂解决方案 |
Smart Brewery Solutions |

#AI #Digitalization #Safety

Budweiser China has factories nationwide. In order to build smarter and more sustainable factories, we are looking for management systems and equipment to improve efficiency. Its scope includes but is not limited to:

Flexible production equipment, vehicle loading and material handling equipment, quality inspection and testing equipment, AI cleaning equipment, AI inspection equipment, etc.; industrial image recognition system, AR/VR industrial application system, maintenance management system, production process tracking system, security management system platform, etc.; more efficient and reliable data management platform or other data collection, cleaning, management, display and application solutions.

Site maintenance related AI machines and equipment: AI machines or smart systems to maintain site security, smart cleaning equipment and etc..

The well-being of employees is also a priority for Budweiser China. Therefore, we also want to explore ways to improve the work environment of employees, especially in the direction of noise management and employee safety management.

At the same time, we are also looking for more innovative solutions for the application of 5G technology in the industrial sector.

Smart Brewery Solutions

(pic: CloudiFacturing)

A system or scheme for improving the efficiency of a restaurant

(pic: Cloud Based POS )


| 餐厅&营销效率提升解决方案
| Restaurant & Sales Efficiency
| Solutions

#Scalp Up #Increased Efficiency #Tech for Good

From all retail scenarios, we hope to empower stores and e-commerce platforms so that their promotional activities can be improved and scaled. For example, the SAP system that allows restaurant employees to work more efficiently. Activity audit and monitoring solutions that had proven success at regional scale, that has the potential to be implemented nationwide. Solutions that audit and monitor promotional and branding activities which currently are heavily labor-based. We would love to see more out-of-box solutions and innovations. At the same time, we are also looking for more innovative solutions related to e-commerce, such as digital transformation, user experience enhancement, and sales efficiency increase.

What you can get

Projects that meet the requirements will have the opportunity ……

Running pilots within
Busweiser China

Projects that pass the screening and interviews will run pilots with Budweiser China team.

Recommendation to global AB InBev 100+
Accelerator with potential funding support

To meet the sustainable development goals of 2025, Budweiser Global 100+ Accelerator will support the growth of start-ups together to address the sustainable development challenges we face.

For more information, see:

Connect with Budweiser
ZX Ventures

ZX Ventures, founded in 2015, is Budweiser’s global innovation and growth team that incubates, empowers, and accelerates innovative solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Deadine: May 31, 2021


Budweiser Sustainability

Budweiser China, in cooperation with Shanghai Dreams Come True Commonweal Foundation, has established Budweiser Sustainable Development Fund, dedicating to supporting sustainable development public welfare.

Empowerment partner

Impact Hub Shanghai

In 2017, Impact Hub Shanghai broke ground in Mainland China. Like our worldwide counterparts, we run incubation programs and events, connect members in our co-working space, invest in enterprising and sustainable businesses - all towards the United Nations’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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