Participating start-ups and teams should stick to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing and topic of carbon neutrality to connect with clean energy and its infrastructure, energy saving and efficiency improving management and technological innovation, new materials development and new product design, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) etc. to conduct entrepreneurial practices for highlighting greener energy usage, management procedure, materials application and product design concept, and possess scientific and technological innovation achievements and technology, product, innovative services and implementation plan etc.


Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering + Clean Energy and Related Infrastructure

Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering + Energy Saving and Management Technology

Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering + New Material and New Product Design

Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering + Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage(CCUS)

Specific Topics

This year's competition offers designated topics. The participating teams can provide practical and operable innovative solutions or entrepreneurial practice results according to specific topics. The specific topics are as follows:​​

1. Impact of carbon neutrality to current industrial solutions: optimization or redefinition
2. Smart solutions for O&M in plants/networks to achieve carbon neutral
3. Carbon neutral in wastewater treatment process (resource recycling & energy-saving)
4. Application of blockchain in environment service & carbon neutral
5. Carbon footprints and carbon capture, utilization and storage (GHG emission reduction)
6. Biosourced, renewable and recyclable raw materials
7. Development and application of degradable plastics
8. Apply for bio-based raw materials for chemical production in the process of tracing c footprint
9. Non-fossil fuel-derived, biodegradable chemical components for the daily chemical industry
10. Surfactants produced based on renewable raw materials (for example, biomass, green hydrogen, etc.)
11. Lightweight and designed materials​​​​​​ in automotive and aeronautics industry
12. Material development in new energy field
13. Electroactive polymers R&D
14. Electrical materials development to achieve carbon neutral
15. Application of data science in material research and development
16. Sustainable packaging solutions
17. Green textiles
18. Efficient utilization of platinum group metals in green chemical recycling economy and carbon neutrality fields
19. Efficient green treatment of low-concentration hydrocarbon VOC in polyethylene silo
20. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exhaust gas recycling and disposal in the chemical liquids tank farm
21. Recycling and utilization of abs waste and recycling of plastic waste
22. Novel chemolysis method for polymer recycling (key target is the method for PU, PC)
23. Solutions for marine microfibre pollution
24. Application of odour absorbers in plastics recycling
25. Solutions for safety lithium battery
26. Recovery and recycling of plastics and solvents from lithium batteries
27. Lightweight design of electric vehicles and battery modules
28. Breakthrough and commercialization of solid-state battery technology
29. Hydrogen storage and transportation at normal temperature and pressure
30. Critical technology development of hydrogen energy and its utilization
31. Biomass innovative applications
32. Bio conversion processes innovative R&D
33. Green energy solutions for buildings
34. Home efficiency & insulation innovative solutions
35. Recycling of Nylon 6,6 Plastic Compounds
36. Digital solutions for energy management and optimization in the petroleum and chemical industries
37. Circular Economy for Green Building Materials
38. Recovery and recycling of waste specialty polymers by depolymerization

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