Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest





为了让创新者的方案能够更好地得到实践应用,帮助企业获得更多创新的来源,2021 “SCIP+” 绿色化学化工创新创业大赛专设指定命题单元,参赛团队可根据具体问题提供具有实用性和可操作性的创新解决方案或创业实践成果。

2021 SCIP+ Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest aims to implement innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate construction of innovative country, circle around the goals of Shanghai to establish scientific and technological innovative center with global influence, promote industry-university-research-application-capital development in green chemistry and chemical engineering, foster scientific and technological level and capability of independent innovation in chemical industry, and boost breakthrough in critical technologies.

The competition implements the concept of gradually transforming scientific and technological achievements into improvements, enhancing the independent innovation capability of the chemical and chemical industry, improving the level of environmental friendliness, and promoting the development of green chemical and chemical industries. Give play to the selection and incentive role of the competition, promote multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary cross, encourage students, start-ups and teams to carry out innovative and entrepreneurial practices in new materials, new energy, environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, process control, health & safety and other fields; encourage start-ups connect with professional teams to the industry and market, promote collaborative innovation and achievement transformation; promote the linkage of innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain.


October 31st 2021

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