The participants are divided into Innovation Group and Entrepreneurship Group.


1. Innovation Group

Participants are undergraduates and postgraduates in universities and scientific research institutes, full-time undergraduate and postgraduate graduates, teachers in colleges and universities, and scientists and technicians in enterprises. The applicant must be the project leader. 


2. Entrepreneurship Group

Participants are domestic and foreign teams from registered companies and start-ups. They should have basic product, technology or service prototypes, own intellectual property rights, and seek for commercial scale. The applicant must be the founder, legal representative or technical director of the start-up.

Participating startups and teams should stick to the topic of Green and Low Carbon to connect with Clean Energy, Green Materials, Energy Conservation and Low Carbon, and Resources Recycling to conduct entrepreneurial practices, and possess scientific and technological innovation achievements and technology / product / innovative services / project plans /  implementation plans, etc.  The product / project should be innovative, commercialized, scalable, green and society-friendly.  IP should be owned by the participant or the participant should obtain written authorization of IP owner and submit letter of commitment. 


Main Topics

Topic 1

Green Chemistry & Chemical Engineering + Clean Energy

Including R&D and efficient utilization of clean energy such as hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, and geothermal energy, as well as disruptive processes and technologies such as high-efficiency energy storage.


Topic 2

Green Chemistry & Chemical Engineering + Green Materials

Including R&D, promotion and application of low-carbon raw materials substitution, biomass-based materials, biodegradable materials, biomedical materials, and high-performance engineering plastics, functional high-molecular materials, and composite materials that can be applied to clean energy and upstream and downstream key technologies in high-efficiency energy storage fields, electronic chemicals and supporting materials.


Topic 3

Green Chemistry & Chemical Engineering + Energy Conservation & Carbon Reduction

Including energy conservation and consumption reduction transformation of energy system, application and optimization of new equipment, new technology and production process, smart energy management, CO2 emission reduction, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) etc.


Topic 4

Green Chemistry & Chemical Engineering + Resources Recycling

Including recycling of various solid wastes, wastewater and waste gas from industry, agriculture and life; restoration and reuse of soil and environment, etc.

Designated Topics

Based on the main topics, applicants can also participate in the designated topics given by some famous large companies below:

1. Research and development, processing and application of degradable plastics

2. Next-generation of new lithium-ion battery and innovation of battery material system

3. Synthesis and application of bio-based surfactants and their raw materials

4. New technologies for the production of fine chemicals based on CO2 (including long-chain olefins, fatty alcohols, esters, but not limited to the above categories)

5. Scientific service projects in the field of green chemistry and chemical engineering

6. Efficient reaction / green catalyst

7. Microchannel reactions

8. Innovative technical solutions for the preparation of polyolefins and PET/PEF plastics based on non-fossil raw materials

9. Polymer materials or macromolecular materials based on green science which can be used in beauty products

10. New green processes that can improve the synthesis of raw materials required in beauty technology formulations


By September 30, 2022


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