This contest includes 5 stages of Launching and Application, Selection, Mentoring, Finals and accelerated transformation.


1. Launching and Application (June 29 to September 30)

The contest will be promoted to interested parties and participants by multiple ways through organizers, co-organizers, partners, etc. Application website is http://plus.scip.com.cn.


2. Selection (October 1st – November)

Multiple rounds of online selection will be conducted by experts from industry and capital. Participants for Finals will be selected.


3. Mentoring (before Finals)

Organization Committee will invite relevant experts to mentor finals participants.


4. Finals (December).

Experts from industry, capital, university and scientific institute will select winners in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park.


5. Accelerated transformation stage (after Finals).

One-week in-depth incubation training on outstanding teams will be conducted in terms of innovative thinking, client authentication, product/service design, etc. Help will be offered for constructing sustainable and scalable business model, influence assessment, roadshow, investment matchmaking etc.


1. Certificate and bonus


2. Outstanding teams may get financial aids from “Eagle Plan” Foundation.

3. The Organizing Committee will lead representatives from world-class companies to conduct one-week in-depth incubation training for outstanding teams.

4. Outstanding teams can meet with investors in investment matchmaking.

5. Outstanding teams can meet with industrial experts and companies for application.

6. Outstanding teams have the opportunities to conduct R & D, pilot and scale-up activities with relevant incentives in SCIP (in reference to Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Implementation Measures of Special Support for Facilitating Scientific and Technological Innovation and Achievement Transformation).


By September 30, 2022


NOTE: please look at the “Download” section on this page for “Application Guide”. 

Any question about the contest and application, please reach us at: