Main Topics

Topic 1

Future Materials

R&D, promotion and application of green materials including low-carbon raw materials replacement, biomass-based materials, biosynthetic materials, biomedical materials, biodegradable materials, high-end membrane materials, high-performance engineering plastics, functional high-molecular materials, composite materials, 3D printing materials, electronic chemicals and supporting materials.

Topic 2

Future Energies

R&D and application of clean energies such as hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, ocean energy, and geothermal energy, as well as disruptive processes and technologies such as high-efficiency energy storage (including Power-to-X and chemical storage for new energy)

Topic 3

Future Carbon Recycle

Energy conservation and consumption reduction transformation and smart management of energy and its utilization system, application and optimization of new equipment, new technology and production process, electrification, reuse of industrial, agricultural and household waste containing carbon as energy/resource, carbon capture, sequestration and storage etc.

Designated Topics

Based on the main topics, applicants can also participate in the designated topics given by some famous large companies below:

(1)Physical or chemical recycling of waste plastic

(2)Biochar production and downstream applications

(3)High-temp pyrolysis and gasification technology for syngas production

(4)Practical and innovative solutions for polymer materials in low energy buildings; Low carbon building materials, e.g. alternative materials for cement and aggregate

(5)Alternative materials for PFAS etc., especially for PTFE

(6)How to unlock the valorization of lignin to access bio-based aromatics

(7)Bio-based surfactants (synthetic biology, bio-extracts, biomass as fuel pathway, etc.)

(8)Electrochemistry green process

(9)Chemical energy storage technology for sustainable electricity; Long-circle chemical energy storage system etc.; New chemical energy storage technologies with high efficiency and density; Application of industrial energy storage: improvement of business models under current policies

(10)Optimal/optimization of control strategies for large-scale green hydrogen in off-grid condition; Continuous-flow biological H2 production based on biomass recycling; The storage and transportation of hydrogen energy under normal temperature and pressure

(11)Specialized Materials (renewable energy, lightweighting, natural resource management, digital solutions)

(12)New technology solution for Non virgin fossil-based Polyolefin and PET/PEF plastic

(13)Applications of AI in innovation and development of green material/ingredient; Material design and process optimization based on machine learning, e.g. high-performance epoxy resins, special engineering plastics or other polymers

(14)R&D, processing and application of degradable plastics; Biological degradation products from agriculture, forestry and fishery

(15)Sustainable carbon materials and applicable technologies (biomass feedstock, carbon dioxide)


(16)Recycling of WEEE plastics, especially the impact of additives (e.g., flame retardants, plasticizers, and other additives in large quantities), with a preference for mechanical/physical recycling, chemical recycling, rather than energy recovery


This contest includes 5 stages of Launching and Application, Selection, Mentoring, Finals and accelerated transformation.

  1. Launching and Application (June to September 30th) 

    The Contest will be promoted to interested parties and participants by multiple ways through organizers, co-organizers, partners etc.

  2. Selection (October 1st – November)

    Multiple rounds of online selection will be conducted by experts from industry, academia and capital. Participants for Finals will be selected.

  3. Mentoring (before Finals)

    Organization Committee will invite experienced experts to mentor Finals participants.

  4. Finals (December).

    Experts from industry, capital, university and scientific institute will select winners in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park.

  5. Accelerated transformation stage (after Finals).

    One-week in-depth incubation training on outstanding teams will be conducted in terms of innovative thinking, client authentication, product/service design, etc. Help will be offered for constructing sustainable and scalable business model, influence assessment, roadshow, investment matchmaking etc.


1. Certificate and bonus

  1. Outstanding teams have the opportunities get financial aids from “Eagle Plan” Foundation.
  2. The Organizing Committee will lead representatives from world-class companies to conduct one-week in-depth incubation training for outstanding teams and hold investment matchmaking etc.
  3. Outstanding teams can meet with industrial experts and companies for product application, market exploration etc.
  4. Outstanding teams have the opportunities to use working space for free for a certain amount of time in Innovation Center of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and conduct R & D, pilot and scale-up activities with relevant incentives (in reference to Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Implementation Measures of Special Support for Facilitating High-quality Industrial Development).

By September 30th, 2023

Note: individuals or team without any registered company should choose “Innovation Group” for application, and registered companies should choose “Entrepreneurship Group” for application.

Any question about the contest and application, please reach us at:

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